WOW. That's a lot of observations. :)

Holy moly -- it is wonderful to see just how many observations have been added to the project so far!

If you took photos during the event, be sure to have them uploaded before the 18th so that they make it to a little report I'm putting together.

One of the most important things that we need is identifications. If you're able to put on some ID's, that's crazy helpful. Here is the shortcut for the observations that need some ID guidance:

You can filter this by taxon or by county or by date or whatever.

If you want to add in ID's on observations that have been verified already, here's that link:
Mistakes happen, so it's always useful to have extra eyes on observations.

On either Friday or Saturday, I'll put together a report, comment on some interesting observations that I noticed, and give some shout outs to folks that have gone all out (LOTS of people did!).

Again, I am most hopeful that you took the time to engage with nature. iNaturalist is a tool of engagement among many other things.

Posted by sambiology sambiology, September 14, 2020 20:38


Hey Sam,
Yes, I am so impressed by the number of observations - that is a lot for one week...we are hanging in there and now ID'ing like crazy...thanks for pulling us together, apart, and getting out and seeing what is all around us every day. It has been fun. Thanks again, Mary

Posted by hawkilitle about 1 year ago (Flag)

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