Costa Rica Recommendations?

My partner and I are planning to go for a week in September. Have never been, only real constraints are time and the fact that we don't want to move around too much, so in a perfect world maybe sleep in two cool spots and explore the surrounding areas. Recommendations? We have at least one suggestion that we just go to Corcovado and stay there the whole time.

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If you really want to get off the beaten path, Rara Avis is awesome. It's in primary forest, takes a few hours on a tractor (or a really good hike) to get there, so very remote - although I hear they have wifi now. David and I lived there for six months and were still seeing new stuff all the time. They have an extensive trail system and the reserve is surrounded on three sides by more primary forest, including Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo

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Add a second vote to Corcovado. If you can get in to Sirena station, do it. It’s the only place in Central America I’ve ever been that has a somewhat intact megafauna. If you don’t want to make that effort I’ve got lots of recommendations for other places you could go

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Are you bringing a camera? ;)

@kimberlietx spotted some of the most amazing moths -- she stayed at a really amazing place:

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I went (alone) specifically to photograph moths until I was sick of them. (Yeah, that never happened!) Someone had mentioned Rancho Naturalista in Turialba and I could not recommend it more! I went in April, at the end of the birding season, and had the entire place to myself after the first day. It's a main house with about 5 rooms and they also have separate cabins. It's snuggled into the forest with plenty of trails, has a permanent moth setup with MV light (meant to attract breakfast for the birds,) and a beautiful view of the valley. The owner is an American expat, and she bent over backwards to not only make sure I was happy with everything, but also took me to meet a nearby entomologist. I was invited to dinner at her parents' home down the hill that they also rent out to guests. (They used to run Rancho until she had health issues.) Meals are family style and AMAZING. They have a couple of tour guides for birding, but Meche is the best. I posted pics on FB that you are welcome to browse through, or msg me if you have questions.

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The Osa Peninsula is a must-visit area of Costa Rica, especially if you're only going to visit a couple locations in the entire country. After that, it'd be hard for me to pick just another location or two. Personally, the higher elevation forests have a big appeal to me so somewhere in the Cerro de la Muerte comes to mind. Caribbean lowlands are also very good, with numerous good locations (Rara Avis, La Selva, etc.)

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