Wairambar Rainforest

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The Wairambar Rainforest is an ancient refugia with very high biodiversity. It is located at 700m behind Mount Bartle Frere (Choorochillum) in far north Queensland, Australia on the traditional land of the Ngadjon people of the rainforest. Living things persist here despite climatic changes over the rest of the Australian continent due to a unique location that provides reliable rainfall and a range of ecotones, microclimates and soils. Rainfall for 2021 was 3725mm.

The property is all rainforest primarily of ecosystems type 7.8.2 on basalt soil and 7.11.12 on marine metamorphics. In extreme terrain, a permanent creek, springlines, quartz ridges, quartzite and granitic outcrops provide a rich variety of ecotones. Over 500 species have been identified to date on the 24Ha property. Since 2017 a cumulative species list has been uploaded annually to the Atlas of Living Australia ala.org.au

Much of the site is mature rainforest, last disturbed by selective logging of red cedar - Toona ciliata in 1928. A number of rainforest repair/restoration techniques have been trialed along the property margins. Southern Cassowaries inhabit the site.

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