Thomas G. Eid

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I live in NH and enjoy the outdoors primarily in MA, NH, and VT. My favorites for exploring and discovery are funga, herptiles, lichens, and trees.

My naturalist focus areas are biodiversity education, conservation, and watershed ecology.

My in-nature activities are hiking, swimming, and freshwater fishing.

In October 2021 I published the book: "53 With a Tree: Family-friendly Hiking in New Hampshire's Town Forests."

The book provides descriptions and excursions in more than 50 town forests and their hiking trails, covering all 10 of New Hampshire’s counties. Town forests and conservation lands are identified with locations, forest data and history, hiking trails, and nearby places of interest.

In October 2023 I published my second book which is about hiking New England's bogs and fens. The book title is: "A Bog's Life: 37 Bogs to Discover and Explore Throughout New England." Bogs and fens throughout New England are identified and described for hiking and exploring.

My third book is currently in process for hiking 45 of New England's town and community forests. Target publication date is mid 2025.

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