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Avid beachcomber and naturalist. Have just published a seashell field guide (check it out here) after four years of collecting and writing. I've also written a short e-book about scientific etymology entitled 'It's Helico-pter, not Heli-copter: A Beginner's Guide to Deconstructing Scientific Words and Names', which is available here for the US, and here for Australian users.

Specialty is NSW marine gastropods and bivalves, particularly from Sydney to Port Macquarie.

I'm currently working on a comprehensive survey of Wategora Reserve in southwestern Sydney. The reserve contains the critically endangered Cooks River Clay Plain Scrub Forest community, of which less than 1% of its original extent remains, and is threatened on all sides by urban expansion. For plants, I'm comparing my species list with a 1979 survey by Tony Price, the only comprehensive survey for this reserve. I'd hugely appreciate any IDs for this project.

Completed my honours thesis on biofoulers and the goose barnacle genus Lepas as part of UNSW's FAMER Lab. You can read my paper The ecology of Lepas-based biofouling communities on moored and drifting objects, with applications for marine forensic science

I created the First Known Photographs of Living Specimens project, check it out for some amazing observations from all around the world.

I organise the City Nature Challenge and the Great Southern BioBlitz for Sydney.

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