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I am a salamander conservationist who focuses mainly on outreach education to help promote the conservation & protection of salamanders. During my presentations and lectures I raise awareness of the threats that salamanders face, and inform individuals about things they can do to help combat these threats (i.e. land stewardship, habitat management, etc). Along side this I also frequently do local media appearances to further raise awareness, and I recently created a salamander sanctuary with some landowners.


I always tally information on any salamander species I encounter (not just Species At Risk or rare forms).

It is important to monitor and record observations of common species, as if these forms ever do become threatened or endangered there will be a lack of data in terms of historical ''healthy'' populations and trends. Without such data it is hard to determine how much and how quickly the species has declined.

Collecting data on common species can also establish more detailed information on overall ranges, and again this information can be used to look at possible declines or variations throughout the species' range (especially if that range is expansive).

Furthermore, if data collected on a common species eventually does indicate that declines are present, it will be easier to address threats before it gets critically endangered - as it is easier to study them while they are still relatively abundant and before they become increasingly rare. Therefore, by studying and observing the abundant species, it is a provision to help ensure that they stay common!

By observing and collecting data on common species, information may also be obtained that can be applied to protecting a Threatened or Endangered form.

Lastly, all species (including the common and abundant ones) have intrinsic value! As such, I always stop and enjoy the experience of encountering these animals in the wild.

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