Steven Rosenthal

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My main specialty/interest is conchology (seashells/mollusks), but I enjoy all natural history....I have traveled all over the USA looking for seashells, and have explored most of the US East and Gulf Coast from Northern Maine to Southernmost Texas, as well as Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska (which I visit once a year to see my daughter). I've also been to a lot of 'classic' natural history sites around the world (Galapagos, Madagascar, Great Barrier Reef, Kruger National Park etc)....but enjoyed seeing a periodic cicada invasion in Staten Island NY just as much.

Here in Long Island, New York, where we have relatively few mollusk species, I've discovered enough interesting local molluscan populations that 'break the mold' in terms of size, color variations, or relative abundance to maintain my interest and enthusiasm. For anyone visiting the local area with similar interests, I would be happy to show you around.

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