Rob Foster

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Fifteen years recording hoverflies - just about getting to grips with them. Am trying at the moment to extend into other diptera and other insect/invertebrate groups. Have done workshops on Hoverflies (Stubbs and Morris), Picture-wing Flies (Diptera Forum), Craneflies (Diptera Forum), Tachinid Flies (Natural History Museum), and Solitary Bees (Steven Falk) and several other one day introductory workshops run by Sorby NHS - Solder/sailor beetles, Weevils, Snail-killing Flies, Harvestmen, Millipedes, Slugs and snails etc. 15 years recording Fungi - specialising in grassland fungi - waxcaps etc. Fungi and invertebrate surveys carried out for Peak District National Park, National Trust, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust etc.

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