Robert G.

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Hi, I'm fairly new to iNat, but already spend (arguably) too much time on it!
Interests include most living things, (and taxonomy.. sometimes), but primarily ferns and their allies.

A keen spotter, I'm always trying to find species of ferns growing outside of known range, or better still, a new species (not yet..), and love exploring some out of the way spot.
But also just filling in distribution maps, for common and uncommon species alike.
Currently exploring some 'out of the way' areas in southeast NSW.

ID-wise I'm confident with most ferns in NSW and Victoria, and also some weeds.

Also looking through older fern observations that need an ID, seeing what I can move on.

Stainless steel ruler in some photos has a half mm scale on one edge, inches on the other, and is 12mm wide, and a total 140mm long.
Otherwise a yellow measure with mm scale.

Can be a bit erratic coming back to you if I'm busy in the field, or with other stuff.

Profile Picture was a Dicksonia antarctica on the Errinundra Plateau, Victoria, now trialling a new photo; (as at 13th Dec) Doodia aspera, showing vernation and sori.

Located in Southeast NSW, Australia


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