Marie Lou Legrand

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I am fascinated by all the living thing in nature since my very young age. Since 2012, I started taking picture of all the Arthropods I could possibly find. I love to help other people with their identifications but I have the most knowledge about the wildlife where I live (North of France) and in similar places like (Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and others regions of France). I have accumulated a lot of pictures of more than 3 000 different species during the years with my 100mm Canon macro lens and I know a lot of great website to find useful informations for precise ID and also when I'm not so sure about a particular species.
I always care for the happiness of all living things and wish them to live there best life. Yes, even mostiko and ticks ! :o

My particular group of interest at the moment are : Ichneumonidae, Braconidae, Tenthredinidae and similar, Pamphiliidae, Siricidae and similar, Psychodidae, Limoniidae, Tipulidae, Mycetophilidae and similar, Tachinidae, Anthomyiidae, Therevidae, Curculionidae and similar
most are cryptic and difficult groups (for me)
(and all other arthropods)

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