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HelIo there!
I do most of my observations in my small backyard and apparently there are still creatures to be found out there.

Thank you very much to the iNat community for all the help, and all the very patient users who ID and instruct.

I do a lot of general insect identifications and I suggest you never agree with me just for the sake of agreeing. I have seen a lot by now but I still make mistakes and my main goal is to triage your observations so that someone more specialized will see them.
It is ok to make mistakes, but confirming when one is not sure is not a good approach. Wait for a second opinion, carry your own research and do not be obsessed with the green RG banner!

I started the ARThropod project, which seeks to gather unintentional art made by Arthropods and photographed by Humans. It focuses on objects and traces Arthropods make and leave behind.
Please join and add the observations that move you aesthetically, or you find arresting or impress you with their construction, colors or patterns:
It found more purpose than I expected, keeping track and ultimately solving some mysteries!

I love it if you have a little about yourself, interests, specialization etc... in your profile.
Tag me if I have made a mistake and did not withdraw; it means I have missed notifications for this post, somehow.

EN /FR /ESP (un poquito y más)
Any pronoun is fine with me.

PS: if you want or need to share your experience using iNat and being a naturalist as a dis- or diffabled person, message me.

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