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I hike with my camera.

I take long hikes with my camera and encounter many organisms during my hikes. Frequently, I encounter multiple organisms of the same species on the same hike. To the best of my ability, all of my observations recorded on iNaturalist follow iNaturalist's guidelines as outlined in this site's Help FAQ at and in the Getting Started guide at . That is:

"An observation records an encounter with an individual organism at a particular time and location."

When you see that I have recorded multiple observations for the same species on the same date, these are not duplicates. They are observations of multiple different organisms of that species, for which I have created multiple records on iNaturalist as per iNaturalist's guideline, which states:

"Remember, you should make separate observations for each separate organism you encounter."

On occasions when I have encountered a large number of organisms of the same species at the exact same time and location, it is possible I have accidentally mixed up my photographs and posted two photographs of the same organism instead of one photograph each of two different organisms. But you can rest assured that, if I have posted X observations of species Y on a given day that I observed at least X individual organisms of species Y on that date.

Thank you to all of the curators who help to keep this site functioning, and thank you for your understanding.

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