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Bio. Major @ USF

always learning more about the intersections of ecology, biogeography, anatomy/physiology with phylogenetic history - @ me for any mistaken IDs or questions :)
I study the ecology of urban flora, and the natural history & systematics of Subfamily Glyphisodontinae (Ovalentaria, Pomacentridae).

Differentiating East Pacific Chrominae

Mediterranean Abudefduf

Recent Evolutionary History of Subtropical Pacific Chrysiptera

On the potential synonymy of Stegastes fuscus & S. trindadensis / S. rocasensis & S. sanctipauli

Overview of Sergeant (Glyphisodontinae -> Abudefduf) Phylogeny & cryptic species

S. robertsoni is a junior synonym of Marquesas endemic Stegastes lividus

Overview of Pomacentrid Phylogeny

Pomacentrid Ecology/Phylogeny Intersections Across Space & Time

On the state of hybrid Abudefduf in Hawai'i

Reassigning Similiparma lurida

Distinguishing Abudefduf concolor from A. declivifrons

Distinguishing Abudefduf caudobimaculatus from A. vaigiensis

Distinguishing Abudefduf nigrimargo and A. vaigiensis

Cryptic species and introgression among "Abudefduf sexfasciatus" and "A. vaigiensis"

Ecomorphology of the genus Abudefduf

Describing the Marquesas endemic Abudefduf conformis

Brazilian Chromis limbata

Panamic Chrominae Evolution and Morphology

Barriers to Range Expansion & effects of ReefFish Ecology

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