Mariah K. Rogers

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As the Secretary and Community Science Coordinator of the Wisconsin Mycological Society (WMS) I manage our iNaturalist projects. If you have a question about those projects, or using iNaturalist, please contact me. I enjoy helping people get started.

Our most recent (2024) yearly WMS fungi foray project is here:

To see even more fungi photos, browse here for "All WMS Projects" and click through those listed to see more :

We have yearly projects going back to 2020 which you can still join! All your fungi observations observed in that year will add automatically if you join those projects. We also have specialty projects for keeping track of, among other things, slime molds, despite those not really being molds, or fungi.

I encourage all WMS project members to also add your observations to FunDiS - Fungal Diversity Survey project if they met the project's standards needed for identification. You can read more about those standards in a comment on this observation:
& here at FunDiS's iNaturalist project itself:

For the most part I use the "favored taxa" section for quick links for myself, for browsing. It isn't a list of what I can best identify.
If I have made an ID on your observation, it isn't an expert opinion, but I will have considered it as thoroughly as I can. If I am looking at specific sources, I will try to remember and link them in a comment.

Pictured with me is an excellent, if "captive/cultivated", specimen of Felis catus, variety Remedios. She lives indoors, but as a naturalist, she specializes in pointing out indoor bugs, observing anything that can be seen from the windows, and leading the way in her cat-vest-thing on our "walks" (most accurately, sits).

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