Miller Museum of Entomological Wonder

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The Miller Museum of Entomological Wonder revolutionizes the ways and means of curating insects by sticking to rigorous standards, including climate data, habitat data and geotracking within a user friendly and accessible database. You can even interact with the museum via Amazon Alexa! View it HERE.

The Museum was founded in 2017 and is located in Littleton, Colorado. Due to COVID restrictions, we are not currently accepting visitors but data associated with museum specimens can be accessed via Amazon Alexa and coming soon via an online open access website.

We are currently working on rebranding and are looking forward to displaying our new logo!

Disclaimer: Our main focus is the preservation, education, conservation and scientific study of insect diversity. We collect insects in an effort to preserve and record their diversity while also providing a unique opportunity to study and provide education opportunities to the community via our collection. Our staff is well versed and remains up to date on leave no trace practices, collection laws, protected land policies, and potentially threatened and or endangered insect species. We NEVER collect insects for sale, exchanges, merchandising or global distribution of any kind.

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