Meredith Chacin

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In my 30s, while "garden-sitting" for my brother, I discovered a love for growing things! I passionately maintained an organic vegetable garden and fruit trees in my backyard for years. Back then, I learned a lot through training classes and found a quirky community through the With My Own Two Hands program at Elizabeth Anna's Old World Garden off of 8th Avenue in Fort Worth. I eventually returned to full-time work and was down in the trenches raising my two kids for many years. Too much time passed before I could find new ways to re-incorporate my love of nature into my life. Now, with grown kids and an empty nest, I am part of the Master Naturalist training program with the Cross Timbers chapter. iNaturalist has been such a fun discovery where I finally have a place to upload my zillions of nature photos and to share with other people who are also fascinated by nature.

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