Marvin Eng

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I was born and raised on the east slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (Pincher Creek, Rimbey and Calgary).

I came to the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island, BC in 1989 to pursue a career in the provincial public service.

I worked as a landscape ecologist for the Research Branch of the BC Forest Service until 2006; then as a special investigator for the Forest Practices Board until 2015; and finally as a private consultant until retirement in 2020.

I first posted to iNat while on vacation during Jul/Aug 2019; but I completely turned away until, in May 2020, my neighbour suggested I could get this: "IDed in a couple of hours on iNat." It didn't work, but it did get me interested in iNat.

I have learned a great deal from many helpful people in the iNat community. Posting and IDing (what I can) has given me new found interest in all things natural. I am keen to go beyond simply a 'useable' picture.

My scale object is a Victorinox Spartan, the 'original' Swiss Army Officer's Knife. It is 9.1 cm long and 1.45 cm wide.

I try to remember to resize all my photos (to less than a megabyte). Let me know if you want the full resolution version of anything.

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