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Living in cities like Hong Kong, discovering and understanding lovely organisms would be a good leisure time. I first joined iNaturalist (on 27 January 2019) because of the Project “Mui Wo Farm to Table Agriculture Community” [Note 1], would like to share accidentally found “wild” organisms, esp. plants with others@iNaturalist.

Note 1:
This Project is part of Environment and Conservation Fund jointly organized by the Land Education Foundation Limited and the Lantau Society (LandSo).

Mui Wo is the East border of Lantau South Country Park with abundant natural resources. Local restaurants and residents in Mui Wo use locally grown food produce to support the local community because this reduces the carbon footprint, compared to food produce that has to be transported from long distances. The workshop provide an onsite understanding of the Mui Wo farmland ecology, the culture and history of the farming community; and experience as a citizen-scientist to help record and learn about the environment of farmland and natural habitat.

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