Lesley Clements

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Keen fish spotter when scuba diving around the world. Am using iNaturalist to record all the beautiful and strange creatures that I have seen on my travels. I have also found it has really helped me to become a better fish spotter and have found the feedback from the contributors a great learning tool. It also inspired me to start taking underwater photos and looking back over the ones I have posted you can see that I have improved alot!!

I am based in the UK but never dive here (much too cold for me!). My favourite "local" place to dive is the Red Sea which is only a five hour flight from home. However, I have fallen in love with Indonesia and try to get back there as often as finances allow! I still manage to sneek in the occasional dive trips to the Mediterranean and Macronesia.

Covid lockdown put a halt to travel and at the time wondered if I would ever get to dive again which left me too depressed to look at iNaturalist for a couple of years. However, having had trips to Egypt, Maldives, Bonaire and the Philippines things now seem back to normal. I have been using my renewed enthusiasm to review all my observations so if you gave me feedback some years ago that I have just discovered - thank you.

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