Kim Moore

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I am enthusiastically trying to photograph and identify every critter in my city and maybe even all of Southern California.

I created a website for my personal education and to share with others:
I welcome corrections and id's I am missing.

Find me on Facebook:

A note on identifications:
I very much appreciate all those that help with ID's. That is why I try to return the favor and ID for others. I am familiar with my local critters and provide id's for those. I am not an expert in any one taxa. I give it my best but occasionally make mistakes.

If I make an id, and you do not come to the same conclusion on your own. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY AGREE. Withdraw your id if you like mine better but really aren't sure. Give someone else a chance to independently review and agree.

I am appreciative of corrections by 'experts' and will readily withdraw an id.

I do not give id's outside of Southern California.

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