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Hey there, I'm Justin Leahy, and I'm currently a junior in high school. Juggling seven AP courses keeps me pretty busy, but you'll still mostly find me with my binoculars or a camera in hand, exploring the natural world. My favorite places to explore are High Island, the North Shore, and the Sonoran Desert.

My interests are as diverse as the species I love observing – birds, ecology, history, baseball, soccer and even a bit of physics. I'm all about discovering the magic that nature has to offer. In the coming years, I wish to study Ecology/Evolutionary Biology and Political Science, where I hope to then begin a career of protecting the environment through the legal system.

I'm involved in many activities. As the vice president of my school's ECO Club and Student Council, I get to cook up some awesome outdoor experiences like hikes, cleanups, and campouts for my classmates. Houston is not a very eco-friendly place, but I have been working to bring recycling into our school life, one step at a time. Through the photography club I founded at school, I've had the chance to share my love for birdwatching and nature with others. We've had a blast with nature and birdwatching photography competitions, creating a community of fellow enthusiasts. When summer rolls around, you'll find me volunteering as a camp counselor in Minnesota. Leading kids on bird walks and sparking their curiosity about the natural world is the highlight of my year.

My current project involves looking into the spatial occupancy of Red-vented Bulbuls (Pycnonotus cafer) in the Houston Area. It's a small way for me to give back to the feathered friends that inspired me to bird more. Fun Fact: the Houston Heights Reservoir, just down the block from my house, is the preeminent location of Red-vented Bulbuls in the United States!

I'd love for you to join me on my journey! Feel free to reach out!
Website: https://justleahy.com
eBird: https://ebird.org/profile/MTI5NDEyNw
Instagram: @justscenicpics

profile pic credits to my wonderful sister, showing me just marveling at the Upper Antelope Canyon

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