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I love iNaturalist!

I've been interested in nature as long as I can remember (since I was about 4). Family and friends have always been important, but the rest of my free time has always been looking for, catching or just watching, studying, and trying to learn more about the organisms living in my neighborhood and beyond. Starting as a kid, I was always aware of my natural surroundings, and fortunately the joy of looking for and finding things has only grown stronger throughout life. It is always a fun jolt when you see or hear something for the first time ("lifer"!), or learn something new about an organism you've known a long time :-)

I 've worked as a fish and wildlife biologist or resource manager in the government sector with various natural resource agencies, working throughout most of the U.S. since the mid-1980s. I've lived in rural areas most of my life and been fortunate to have some spectacular diversity in places I've lived, and poking around the backyard can sometimes be amazing, even if you only have 15 or 30 minutes of time for it!

For more than half my life I was immersing in nature and experiencing it without documenting anything other than by writing down personal notes on paper. I got a "late" start with being a "birder" and the process of keeping more detailed lists of observations. This dawned on me after spending over ten years participating as a volunteer on various bird research projects (mostly trapping and banding raptors and passerines, but other birds as well). in the late 2000's, I began the hobby/passion of intentionally birding, not just bird watching or looking for particular subsets of birds, to document all the species in a given area within a specific time frame. Listing bird species began with my yard, and from there it sparked the desire to "bird" in other places. This was coincident with the timing of eBird and its release for the public to use and document bird species observed, and I'm very thankful to have this technology and platform available! After birding passionately and using eBird about 5 years, I came to realize I wanted to do the same for everything else I was fascinated with in nature, and I became aware of iNaturalist!

My favorite taxa are birds, herps, fish and leps, but thanks to iNaturalist there is so much more out there that can steal my interest; just get out and look! Unfortunately I have almost no experience yet outside the U.S., but I plan to fix that when I retire!

eBird profile: https://ebird.org/profile/MTQ4NzYy/world

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