Jason Travis Watanabe Medaris

Joined: Nov 3, 2017 Last Active: Jul 4, 2024 iNaturalist

I’m a nature enthusiast with a hobby of photographing mushrooms. I can’t stand eating them, but they’ve got some of the most vibrant colors and unique shapes I’ve found in nature. I’d been taking photos for years now when I discovered iNaturalist; since then I’ve done more to contribute to identifying and tracking not only fungi, but all the other interesting things I find on my adventures.

I use an iPhone for all my photography. What I lack in macro-lenses I try to make up for in trying to capture as many identifying details as possible. I’m by no means an expert at identifying, but as I delve more and more into this, ive definitely improved. I love collaborating and will return to get additional photos and info if needed, just ask in the comments of my findings!

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