Jose Gil Paz

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I am biologist, who knows about the importance of new experiences, in Puerto Morelos and the entire state of Quintana Roo. I have the experience of living in an area rich in culture, it has generated knowledge to share a unique experience, relevant to our holistic and integral life in one of the states of Mexico rich in traditions and nature.

I am a herpetologist, bird watcher, flora and fauna photographer, native and medicinal plants.
I offer you a very humane treatment respectful of the conscious and friendly life.

Soy un apasionado de la vida silvestre, guía de naturaleza, fotógrafo, herpetologo, viajero, amante del mar, buzo, una persona conciente de nuestra realidad ambiental. Me gusta sentir la naturaleza y compartir mi gusto por todas las formas vivientes de nuestro planeta.

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