Jerry Kosanovich

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Jerry Kosanovich, Houston, Texas, USA. Retired in 2019, I dived enthusiastically into the world of the naturalist in 2020.

Now free to travel as of May 2021, my interest is eclectic but I enjoy exploring wildflowers, the flying insects that feed on them, and the spiders that feed on the flyers. I am fascinated by observing micro-ecosystems. This new universe of study is an endless one, and I am thankful to the over 150 fellow naturalists who have made the effort to encourage me with their ID opinions, and in many cases share with me their superb knowledge. It is a delight to be a member of the iNaturalist community.

This profile photo is me on the the Rio Frio river in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge close to the Nicaragua border in north-central Costa Rica (January 2022).

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