J Martin

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Collector of hobbies. I've been "into" anything outdoorsy for as long as I could remember. I grew up in Hamden, CT with West Rock Ridge in my backyard. This turned me on to mountain biking at a very young age in the 80's and is still something I'm passionate about. This same place also sparked my interest in raptors. I still recall the day when I saw a Red Tail soaring out over the cliffs and heard that distinct scream. I was hooked! My other hobbies include photography, HAM radio, snowboarding, and hiking. My photo skills are much more centered around the technical side of things, I love the challenge of stacking multiple images and the post-processing elements. I've decided though I do need to start venturing out beyond that and document some of the outdoor activities I like to get involved in. This is the start.

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