Jance S Carter

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I've always had a passion for the misunderstood creatures of the world. These include microbes, insects, arachnids, and bats, but most of all reptiles and amphibians. From the first time I observed tree frog tadpoles in a cattle trough, at the age of three, these animals have provided me with an unending source of fascination and intrigue. I obtained my B.S. in biology from Indiana University, where I have contributed to several herpetofauna studies with Indiana DNR, USFWS, and university researchers. My personal research led me to complete an inventory of the species inhabiting the Indiana University Southeast campus. Currently, I'm employed in a pharmacogenetics lab. My primary focus was, and always will be, the conservation of these persecuted, yet vital organisms. I have no patience or empathy for collectors or those not adhering to the "take only memories or photos" doctrine. These amazing creatures have enough problems. Lets not confound those problems further by reducing their populations for selfish desires.

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