Isabelle Bolon

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I am a nature lover and enjoy hiking and photographing wild animals around the world. I am also a veterinarian and a biologist. I work at the Institute of Global Health at the University of Geneva where I co-lead the One Health Unit. I am especially interested in the interrelations between human, animal and environmental health. Using a One Health approach, I address global health issues at the human-animal-ecosystem interface, including both health risks resulting from human-animal interactions such as zoonosis or snakebite but also opportunities for health promotion associated with biodiversity conservation. More specifically I am interested in human-animal interactions in the context of urban socio-ecosystems (cities), which include live animal markets, urban farming and wild animals (e.g. see on the picture this huge roost of flying foxes in a residential area near Brisbane, Australia). Some wild animal species are getting adapted to an increasingly urban world and new direct and/or indirect interactions with human populations are taking place. This has potential health implications if we consider animals such as certain species of bats that are reservoirs of pathogens of major public health concern (e.g. Nipah, Ebola etc.).

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