Hannah Hickli

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Vancouver Island naturalist trying to bring more community science into my life. Baby biologist. Just wanna bear witness to plants & bugs & birds & microbes & fungi & their relationships.
(pp is me and a gray-crowned rosy-finch hangin')

Crop your photos!
Include only as much visual info as is needed for identifiation context. Cropping photos removes unnecessary pressure on the iNat servers.

Narrow your spatial metadata range!
Help out the geospatial modelers. Using Geolocators / altering your iPhone settings to produce a more exact geographical location for your observations.

Post to iNaturalist.ca!
Or whichever is your national portal- this allows some national conservation agencies to access observations more easily.

Change your licensing!
Make sure your creative commons license is CC-BY-SA, CC-BY, or CC0, allowing images/soundbits/observations to be distributed to Wikimedia Commons and GBIF

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