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A Biosphere is a special designation awarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation. Our UNESCO Biosphere covers 5,268km² of southwest Scotland and is home to more than 95,000 people. Our geographical boundary was defined in 2012, based on catchments of the rivers flowing out of the Galloway Hills.

The Core Area of any UNESCO Biosphere is the region of highest conservation value – in the case of Galloway and Southern Ayrshire, these are the wetlands at Silver Flowe, and the National Nature Reserve (NNR) at Cairnsmore of Fleet. Silver Flowe is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a wetland habitat of international importance. Cairnsmore of Fleet is an upland region where a mix of heath, heather and blanket bog supports a wide range of wildlife. Our work in the Biosphere’s Core Area is focused on research and the protection of species, habitats, landscapes and ecosystems.

Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere is very much a part of Scotland’s rural southwest, where the land and its uses remain integral to everyday life. Beyond its central Core Area the Biosphere is home to historic industries such as farming, fishing and forestry; a dynamic variety of micro-businesses and SMEs; and communities that range in size from tiny hamlets to small towns. We and our partners are working together to promote the idea that ecologically sound activity can take place alongside conservation and research. Education, employment, tourism and enterprise can all be sustainable, and through a cooperative approach we can achieve a balanced relationship between people and nature.

Right across Galloway and Southern Ayrshire our Biosphere celebrates positive cultural values and identity, to help people learn more about where they live and better understand the heritage we all share.

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