Wolfgang Siebeneich

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I live in West Allis, Wisconsin. I have virtually no formal training in Biology or any of it's component disciplines. However, I've spent a lifetime out of doors and have always had a keen interest in plants and animals. I currently work as a "Naturalist" at Hawthorn Glen, an outdoor education center administered by Milwaukee Public Schools, and also at Lakeshore State Park (also in Milwaukee), and at the Lapham Peak unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, near Delafield Wisconsin. I guide school groups through forests and prairies and try to give them a sense of the wonder and mystery and magic of natural landscapes.

A couple of years ago I began an intensive effort to learn more about the plants and animals in southeast Wisconsin. I've taken many thousands of photographs and have worked more or less diligently to identify as many species as possible. Although I'm pleased with my progress thus far, there is still a lot less of what I know than there is of what I don't know.....and that isn't likely to change any time soon.

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