Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program

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We're the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program staff. We'll try to assist you with IDs and background in our areas of experience, and we hope you can learn from us as we learn from you. We're fallible and will surely get corrected at times (perhaps by each other!), but, as a program, we've been following biodiversity in the County for the past 20 years. See this web site for links to our progress to date: https://hvfarmscape.org/biodiversity-columbia-county. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you want to get in touch directly, fep@hawthornevalleyfarm.org or 518 672 7994.

Please note that we will each try to review sightings weekly, so you may not get an immediate response from us. Also, while we may review some historical sightings, we're going to focus on keeping up with sightings posted after October 2022.

Here's our crew and their areas of interest:

Kyle Bradford: Ants
Kendrick Fowler: Apocritan wasps, Birds
Claudia Knab-Vispo: Vascular Plants
Josie Laing: Vascular Plants & Fungi
Conrad Vispo: Dragonflies & Damselflies, Butterflies, and Ground Beetles.

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