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I recently graduated from UNT with an honors degree in Biology! I would love to thank @baxter-slye and @sarahparoski for introducing me to iNaturalist. Originally using it as a tool for @baxter-slye's ecology lab, iNaturalist has allowed me to discover my passion for insects! Systematic entomology is something I would love to pursue in a graduate or professional setting :>

I document anything that catches my attention, particularly insects! For any observations used with the microscope I have, the model is "TOMLOV digital Microscope TM-DM9." I am also trying to become more familiar with identifying U.S. insects down to at least family (more common insects down to more specific taxons if applicable); if I mess up, please correct me and let me know why! There is still a lot I have yet to learn!

My other account is @friends_of_fayff ! I upload any fellas my friends have spotted here :)

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