Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville

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"To value and integrate diverse knowledge and experience to manifest a mutually beneficial relationship between the coastal communities and ecosystems of northeast Tobago, facilitate responsible resource stewardship and management, and develop sustainable tourism practices for the generation of viable alternative livelihoods, from ridge to village to ocean."


Northeast Tobago is an exceptionally beautiful, intact ridge‐to‐reef Caribbean Island ecosystem encompassing globally threatened biodiversity and ecosystem processes that represent a legacy of local environmental stewardship. Although relatively pristine, the ecosystem of tropical forests, coastal ridges and valleys, coral reefs and small near‐shore islands is rapidly eroding. We work to promote prompt, sustained, concerted, locally grounded action across ecological and social scales that will preserve biodiversity and ecosystem processes as they become more threatened.


Through a structured ridge to village to ocean approach, ERIC aims to integrate the range of social and environmental factors that require consultation and consideration for the establishment of effective and comprehensive resource management. We believe that community engagement and empowerment are critical for the successful gathering, sharing and dissemination of knowledge and information throughout the region, and that through the development of precautionary and participatory resource assessment and management it will be possible to manifest a mutually beneficial community-ecosystem relationship.

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