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Emma Brockes
Probably not the age you're thinking.

Hi, I'm Emma!
I'm a Science undergraduate student in New Zealand.
My interests are very broad, and change frequently. I'm currently into birds, arachnids, decapods, isopods, myriapods, insects, fishes, reptiles and amphibians.
Unfortunately I'm not particularly good in any of these fields, but I will be! I'm still pretty new to the obsessed-with-biodiversity club :)
Give me a bit of time and hopefully I'll start being able to ID some observations.
That being said, absolutely tag me in an observation if you want someone to geek out over it with you. That I can do.

My projects:

Tāwharanui Biodiversity Project
@invertebratist and I are working to record the biodiversity at Tāwharanui regional park. It's a stunning place (you should absolutely visit if you get the chance), and has so many different environments. Hopefully we can eventually get the map lit up with our observations!

Emma's Moth Project
This is my personal record of the moths that I find. Because moths are awesome.
Through this project I hope to add valuable moth data to the iNat database, and fill my head with moth knowledge. I am also working on gathering and preparing moth specimens for the lepidoptera collection at the tertiary institute I attend.

Watch the moth pinning tutorial I made!
I promise it's not a link to the duck song. But now you need to watch it to make sure ;)

It is my intention that all of my observations remain on iNaturalist in the event of my death.

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