Liam Hopkins

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to help save one of the Denver metro's most important habitats for countless animals!

Self proclaimed West Coast decapod expert, amateur Colorado herper, bird watcher, and snake enthusiast, enjoyer of all animals. Senior in high school aspiring to study fisheries sciences.

Extensive work in captive husbandry of several rare freshwater decapods, namely Aegla platensis, Syntripsa matannensis, Syntripsa flavichela, Ptychognathus sp, Parathelphusa ferruginea, Caridina woltereckae, Lepidothelphusa sp, and several Geosesarma

Experience with, and tremendous passion for, west coast decapods. Particular expertise with rock crabs, alpheid shrimp, anomurans, and xanthoids. Most experience in San Diego CA and Tillamook County OR

Passionate Colorado animal enthusiant, namely herps. West Denver metro area

Reach out to me! Would love to meet fellow naturalists sharing my same passions! See you in the field :)

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