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Hello Nature Lovers,

I love to explore and my academic focus (thus far) has been freshwater ecology and wildlife. I have an MS in biology for my work with freshwater turtles. My research was an evaluation of the freshwater turtles that remain in the Cooper Wildlife Management Area, Texas. I examined use of managed moist-cell units, scrub-shrub marsh, and riverine habitat that remains in the CWMA post reservoir construction.
I am happy to learn and share on iNat. My mobile phone pics are often fuzzy, I try, but this is the device I usually have with me. I have lost so many phones to the water that I have to go for waterproof over great photos. This is is a great source of biological data and I am glad to have a chance to participate. Feel free to correct my mistakes and comment. I teach in Northeast Texas and I am interested in so many aspects of ecology and conservation. Here is my attempt at a list: biogeography, ecosystems at many levels, wildlife, urban and agricultural management for conservation, evolution and pretty much any all living things. I really appreciate all your tips and insights that help me be a better biologist.

Always learning,

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