Chalon Boesel

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Graduated in 2020 from SDSU with a bachelor's in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology. I first learned of iNaturalist in my herpetology course at SDSU with Dr. Clark. I went on to help in Dr. Clark's lab working with rattlesnakes. I have also done volunteer work with a couple of zoos and Project Wildlife. I'm a huge fan of all animals, but my favorites are definitely birds, reptiles, and amphibians. I am very fortunate to live in San Diego where we have incredible biodiversity and many different biomes to explore!

I like to travel and one of my favorite things to do, is to research the native and endemic life of an area I'm traveling to. Whether it is something big like a mammal or small like a plant, I always do my best to photograph them. It is a fun, little goal to see how many species I can observe in my lifetime!

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