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Connecting to my Native American/Polynesian roots and the "citizen science" aficionado in me.
Amateur photographer and lover of nature. Anyone can observe on here that's what I like about it. Brown people welcome!

**I try to concentrate primarily now on insects (especially bumblebees) and animals observations unless it is an interesting plant or flower.

This is a site for citizen science and it helps educate so many amateurs and people that want to contribute in some way. Give more this year. Why? Because there are more observers and INAT is getting larger every year. I increased my donations for this year. For the price of (2) Starbucks daily coffees you can donate (monthly) to INAT and never miss it! I don't drink Starbucks though too expensive lol.
~~~Hiking in the snow and cold but finding great discoveries in the winter!~~~Monitoring and observing Sandusky Bay, Ohio area eagles and other animals or endangered species during the winter and early nesting season. #1 observer of Bald Eagles on INAT in Ohio 2020. Winter project.

Number # 2 on INAT for bumblebees in Ohio 2020 (amateur too!) Curator and bee expert John Ascher really motivated me to understand bumblebees. I may not identify correctly, but I get every photo that I can maneuver! Observe obscure SW- SE Sandusky Bay area and Bayview for bumblebee colonies. Observe home pollinator gardens in Medina County and family wooded/ponds farm site in Wakeman too (after work/deployments).

I am not retired and in competition with anyone so don't worry lol. I work from home and deploy in difficult situations, this is just reflection and re-energize time for me :) Being deployed in several areas of the United States gives me an opportunity to experience the diversity of different animal and plant species. This also allows me to give important observations after weather/environmental disasters.
Using a Collector application and ArcGIS QuickCapture data apps make it easy to keep mini observation notes too.

Thank you especially to the National Geographic Project observers, martyndrabik, malisaspring, renowned herper Bobbyfingers, many of the incredible millennials that love to explore from project (protectCLE), college student biologists, and young naturalists that are eager to help everyone. All of the curators from INAT (especially John Ascher). Shout out to walkwithbears. susnyder, and beartracker.
RIP @greglasley such a helpful and kind man for amateur INAT people.

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