Alexandria 'Alex' Wenninger

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Entomologist with a strong hymenopteran bias. I did my MS in Fairbanks, Alaska where I studied ants, parasitoids, and predatory wasps as predators in forest successional contexts. Lately I have taken an interest in aculeate wasps. I work for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service based out of Anchorage, AK.

email: akwenninger (at) alaska (dot) edu

Recent interests:

Aculeate wasp visitation on native flowers

Fireweed blossom gall midges in AK (Dasineura epilobii)

Native lady beetles in AK I made a community science project aimed at celebrating and increasing awareness of the diversity and distribution of our native lady beetle diversity in Alaska Link to iNaturalist project

The honeysuckle moth (Ypsolopha dentella) as a defoliator of haskaps in Southcentral AK. Link to article about the species

Biocontrol beetles on invasive yellow toadflax in AK
Two biocontrol beetles of the invasive plant yellow toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) have established in Alaska without being formally introduced. I have started a community science project to help keep track of where the invasive plant as well as the two beetle species have been found Link to iNaturalist project | Link to article about the species

The beehive honey moth (Vitula serratilineella) as a pest of stored honey bee comb in AK. Link to article about the species

The chokecherry midge galls on invasive chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) in AK. Link to article about the species

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