Connor Cashman

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High school student looking to document the myrmecofauna of New England.

As a kid, most of my summer afternoons were spent at a local pond catching snakes, frogs, salamanders, turtles, and just about any other herp I could get my hands on. I would come home holding water snakes almost as tall as me; to the horror of my mom. Later on this hobby slowly transitioned into a scientific interest in ecology, as I became aware of taxonomy (scientific names), distribution, and proper Identification. 5 years ago I came across the infamous "Ants Canada" youtube channel and instantly fell in love with ants. Although I'm disappointed with what his channel has become over the years I still credit my initial interest in ant-keeping to his work. I became obsessed with Ants. Over the years I have amassed a considerable amount of information and experience, from research at home, to direct experience in the field.

Nowadays I spend most of my time within the costal pine barrens of New England: home to the best ant diversity in the region. I'm always glad to help with any ant ID's so don't be afraid to @ me.

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