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Aidan P. Campos - IPNI (International Plant Names Index)


Indigenous intersectional ecologist, naturalist, & photographer studying various branches of biology, ecology, & natural history based in north-central Texas. My main focus is botany; I’m currently botanizing the southern Great Plains and southeastern US, and I specialize in the Cactaceae, Solanaceae, Orchidaceae, & Rosoideae with an emphasis on Rubus. Paleontology and mycology come in close second and third places for my interests, though I will not hesitate to dive into spending days on end learning about other organisms such as insects or reptiles.

In December 2023 together with Wolfgang Blum I described and published Echinocereus perplexus (Cactaceae).

“If you wish something painless and effortless, the pursuit of botany is not for you. Nature gives away few secrets to the lazy, and none to the incompetent." - Lloyd H. Shinners

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