National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards

The National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards empower children and young people to make a positive difference to both their own and nature’s future.

These free programmes provide educators with the resources, support and guidance needed to put nature at the heart of education. Embedding nature across everyday teaching and learning will give every child and young person in England the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection to nature, contribute to nature recovery across the country and build resilience for a changing world.

The programme is being developed by a partnership led by the Natural History Museum with the Royal Horticultural Society and Royal Society, supported by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), Manchester Metropolitan University, Learning Through Landscapes, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the National Biodiversity Network Trust. The partnership is working with geospatial partner Esri UK who are providing the digital mapping platform for the programme.

Collectively we are the UK’s leading institutions within our fields, with world-class expertise across schools and Higher Education, science research, and public engagement with nature. Responding to the urgency of the planetary emergency and the Department for Education's Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the way we teach climate education and support young people to act and increase biodiversity across England.

Visit the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards website.


A number of resources have been created to help educators get started with using iNaturalistUK.

These can be found on the Education Nature Park website.

Create an iNaturalistUK account

Record wildlife on your site

Using the Seek app to identify wildlife

We have also developed an iNaturalistUK Teachers Guide (pdf).

General Help Guides

In addition to the support on iNatHelp we also recommend you take a look at the Educators section on the iNatForum for help and advice.

There are a number of useful videos in the help section - below are a selection of ones that you may want to view initially

Adding an observation to the iNaturalistUK website

Exploring observations on iNaturalistUK website

Note: iNaturalist are currently migrating help pages from iNaturalistUK to the new iNatHelp site. If you cant find what you are looking for on the iNatHelp site try looking on the iNaturalistUK help section or the iNatForum.

Seek by iNaturalist is a great introduction to recording wildlife with children. The app does not store any user data and allows you to get used to taking photos of wildlife. Find out more.

More resources will be coming soon.

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