I've been interested in birds and the natural world since I was a little kid, and over the years my interest wavered between birds/nature and other interests as a child's mind often does, but I didn't actually start a life list until 3/16/2003, when I was 14 and in my last months of middle school. "Officially," my first bird was Brewer's Blackbird, seen in the parking lot of the L.A. Zoo, but the "spark" bird that really made me curious to (re-)learn more was the White-crowned Sparrow.

Even after getting started, I got off to a slow start due to my inexperience, not reaching #100 (Western Grebe) until a year and a half later, on 11/20/2004, which, as my very first pelagic trip, incidentally ended up being my "birdiest" day in terms of new species added (20) until 3/13/2010 when I was in Texas (25). This list chronicles every species I've seen, plus notable subspecies.

This list only accepts taxa that are species or lower