25 November, 2021

2021 Additions to Odonate Life List

New Dragonflies and Damselflies to the Texas Life List

You can always tell when someone is new to natural observations. They talk about their "life list" a lot. It's understandable. So many new species, so many new field marks to get to know, so many new sites to find and keep track of. Above all, though, that life list expands very rapidly. I'm one of those people right now when it comes to odonates. I've only been keeping track for three years. Two of those three have been pandemic years, so I haven't ventured out much beyond my base region in Central Texas. Even so, my list expanded by about 30% over last year.

Species Date First Observed
Stream Cruiser 03/17/2021
Plains Clubtail 03/17/2021
Springtime Darner 03/19/2021
Jade Clubtail 05/09/2021
Swift River Cruiser 05/26/2021
Black-shouldered Spinyleg 06/05/2021
Five-striped Leaftail 06/10/2021
Common Sanddragon 06/10/2021
Bronzed River Cruiser 06/20/2021
Stillwater Clubtail 06/20/2021
Dragonhunter 06/26/2021
Skimming Bluet 06/26/2021
Swamp Darner 07/01/2021
Cyrano Darner 07/23/2021
Marl Pennant Male 08/06/2021
Blue-faced Ringtail 09/11/2021
Chalky Spreadwings 10/02/2021
Blue-faced Meadowhawk 10/10/2021
Striped Saddlebags 11/24/2021

*There is remote possibility of a Two-striped Forceptail . Any feedback would be most welcome.

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