13 March, 2024

2024 System for Geo Tracking DSLR Pics

Until now I have been using my phone to record GPS coordinates by taking a picture on my phone then duplicating it on my DSLR for higher quality. However, that process was redundant and time consuming, especially because the mobile iNat app only lets you post one observation at a time.

My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T5 - it's too old to be compatible with Canon's GPS receiver and a third party receiver would not be capable of automatically writing the coordinates to the photos which makes the cost not seem worth it. It also cannot connect to Wifi or Bluetooth.

So, here is my current (and completely free) solution:
-Download the phone app Tracklia: track your photography hikes and export the GPS files (.gpx or .kml, etc) and upload to PC. Make sure camera settings have the correct date and time.

-Download the freeware GeoSetter: open the folder containing your photos and then import the related GPS file(s). The program will automatically write the coordinates to the photo metadata based on the time the pictures were took.

At last, I can enjoy being out in nature while still collecting accurate location data but now with the luxury of ignoring everyone trying to contact me. :)

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