21 March, 2023

Fireflies of Gray Bluff Trail

This summer I'm going to attempt a survey of fireflies on Gray Bluff Trail. We have 4 species already represented:

Photinus pyralis (common eastern firefly)
Ellychnia corrusca (winter firefly)
Pyractomena borealis (sprint tree-top flasher)
Photinus australis (tentative identification)

Based on other observations in the area, I'd expect to see:

Lucidota atra (black firefly)
...and maybe others.

There aren't very many firefly observations on iNaturalist.

Questions: what's a good way to record firefly flashes? Would my phone camera be helpful? Maybe they need to be captive to record flash patterns. Maybe with an app that could set exposure for video. How do you identify firefly species?

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