08 October, 2021

Mobile Studio

You might have noticed these photos with white backdrops popping up randomly in my observations, and I want to make it clear that these aren't going to become my standard method of taking pictures, but rather something for special occasions. These photos are taken on-site in the trunk of my Jeep, and only involve momentary transport of the scorpions to and from my mobile "studio." I create a GPS pin of the scorpion's original location and promptly return them once I am finished taking their pictures. Any scorpions depicted inside of a bag or other receptacle are only there for the purpose of taking pictures of their pectines and genital operculums (located on their undersides). I do not kill the scorpions or otherwise collect them for use as specimens. It is important to me that the scorpions are safe and remain uninjured while under my care. I thought it might be relevant to post this info here just in case anyone is wondering where these images are coming from and why.

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