21 December, 2016

Bobcat and Bald Eagle

December 20th, 2016 around noon, while driving north on 521, just passed Hudson's woods entrance, a Bald Eagle flew overhead towards the West.

(And, last week driving East on Hwy 35 Just before Baily's Prairie I saw another Bald Eagle flying across the road towards the South and it dipped down right in front of my car windshield. I took my foot off the gas, I thought I was going to hit it.)

Then, the same day around 4:00 PM on county road 25 headed south I saw a Bobcat on the side of the road between Manor Lake and Eagles Nest Lake. I could tell it was a cat and it was too big to be a feral domestic cat. I stopped and tried to get my binoculars, so I could verify for myself that it was a bobcat and knowing that my little point and shoot would not take a picture that far away. It was a Bobcat, he got up and moved a little more into the ditch on the Eagles Nest Lake side of the road, and then slinked off towards the lake into the brush. I slowly drove up to where he was and saw no trace of him. My Husband was in the car and he saw him also.

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