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12 August, 2018

Ecology of Native Hawaiian Ecosystems

I would like to document the ecological interactions that occur between birds, insects and plants in native ecosystems. I'll take a photo of plant, bird and insect species and in the notes document the observation under notes.

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14 August, 2018

Assessing an ecosystem

The thing I ‘ll look at is to get a proportion of trees, shrubs, grass and herbaceous ground cover. Then I’ll look at how tar away they are from water. Next, I try to determine the 2 most dominant species, and determine whether they are introduced or native. All the while I’m noticing anything that’s moving—birds and insects and the plants they interact with.

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Identifying an ecosystem as native

Determine the dominant trees, shrubs and ground cover in an area.

Estimate by area or the ratio of native to invasive plants.

0–invasive/degraded: >99% aggressive invasive plant species <1% native plant species
1–native survivors: 1%-10% native species, 90% alien plant species
2–restoration potential
3–native foothold: 40%-60% alien introduced, plant species, 40%-60% native plant species
4–Restored: 75%-90% native plant species
5–Pristine: 90-99% native species

The project “Native Plants in Maui’s Coastal Ecosystems” can help one learn to recognize Maui’s native plants.

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